As Reavid we operate in different but closely related sectors. To achieve effective and targeted results we blend the expertise portfolio at our disposal.

Energy and Sustainable Development

  • Energy Efficiency Studies
    • Residential
    • Industrial
    • Training
  • Green Energy and Environment Friendly Industrial Applications
  • Sustainable Development Applications in Private Sector
  • Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Private Sector Development and Start-ups

  • Manufacturing Industry and SMEs
  • Competitiveness and Clusters
  • Global Value Chains
  • Entrepreneurship and Startups
  • Research & Development and Commercialization of Technology
  • Innovative financing Modalities (Venture Capital/Seed Fund Etc.)

Skills, Vocational Training and Labour Market

  • Women in Business and Microfinance Business Plan
  • Youth Employment and Vocational Training
  • Inclusive Local Economic Development
  • Gender Mainstreaming and Participation of Women to business and labor market

Civil Society, NGOs and Local and Regional Actors

  • Capacity Building in CSOs
  • Advocacy in CSOs
  • Twinning and implementation of best practice
  • Local/Regional Governance Model Building for Policy Dialogue
  • Sponsorships and Project Partnerships

Event Organization

  • We partner with experienced sector specific teams and professional moderators for each relevant sector during project events such as conferences/seminars.