Who are we?

REA, based in Ankara, is a management consulting company in a key emerging market of Turkey and EU area. Established in 2007, REA is ready to assist you with more than 10 years of key experience.

Today we are all aware that reaching knowledge is incomparably easier than the past. In a world, where creating difference is highly important, raising awareness is growing more difficult. Things, that are not long-termed and do not have a long-lasting effect, do not create any value. Young or old people of all ages give more importance and have respect, feel belonged to the subject in front of them when they feel that their ideas and feelings are deemed important.  In order to reveal a value and create awareness to this value’s necessity, you need to touch people and provide impact. As REA, we work as a reputable and dependable corporation who fulfills the means to provide this impact. Apart from these qualities that we excepted as the business life’s constitution; we are a team who minds human factors and empathy.

Without ignoring intercultural relations, educational differences, geographical, physical, financial and spiritual factors, we are a team who embraces to work without forgetting that while overcoming the negatives empathy is the antidote. We also mind our sentimental achievements. We have no doubt that combining the reflections of nature and human togetherness with precision of the artist will create stronger and long-lasting effect. Sometimes in lines and sometimes in lines of verses privilege of seeing oneself from the artists point of view is one of our ideas.

As REA we care for your needs as our own. We share your ambitions and align our incentives with your goals, keeping in mind that we are in this together. Also we pursue and screen the market to find the excellent match to your needs at wide range of thematic expertise specifically in social and economic policy, international development, business research and development. Expertise, quality, passion, creativity and customer satisfaction are our engines.

Communication today is more valuable than usual however for us it is slightly more valuable. The studies that we are conducting with the shareholders and the consortium not only a mutual responsibility to the target group, but also a process we hope to leave a positive impact on everybody since we believe in accumulating as going forward.

We already would like to state that we would be honored to be being partners of these effective studies and sharing your knowledge, ideas and experience throughout this exciting work that we are going to accomplish.

Value Proposition

  • Large or small, simple or complex, REA has the multi-discipline capability to support and help you meet your targets
  • Being in Ankara means close proximity to contracting authorities makes us versatile and effective
  • Being flexible and efficient with various contracting modalities with partners and clients
  • To facilitate profitable results and add substantial value to your outputs
  • On the ground field expertise with internal and external pool with various backgrounds